We develop visually appealing promotional concepts to catch your customers attention. Weather trendy or classical themes, combined with our editorial calendar (specifically tailored to your needs) we offer time-saving solutions that will boost your sales.


Our wide range of over 15,000 NOOS (never-out-of-stock) items covers all common non-food product groups in different price ranges.


We have been solving the core issues of nonfood retail trading branches since 1974.
Currently serving over 30,000 customers throughout Europe, we provide standard solutions as well as individually designed concepts.
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Logistics department

Our logistics center is located in Dettelbach, 25 km east of our headquarters. The fully automated high-bay warehouse system is the heart of the central logistics unit and can hold up to 100,000 pallets. Over 400 workers are responsible for a smooth workflow.


As an international trading company, we run different locations in Germany (Würzburg and Dettelbach) and China (Hangzhou and Hong Kong).


J. E. Schum GmbH & Co. KG currently employs 400 employees. The entire company group employs over 2,000 people.


Training our own junior staff has been a tradition at J. E. Schum since day one. It's one of the main reasons why the company has been successful over the past 140 years.

Our trainees have the opportunity to learn from all business fields while benefitting from our great experience in wholesale.