EuroShops opens it's 300th store


EuroShops opens it's 250th store


EuroShop's 10 year anniversary

EuroShop's 10th anniversary

EuroShop celebrates it's 10th anniversary by offering daily deals in over 223 stores throughout Germany.


Schum EuroShop opens it's 200th store


The 5th generation takes over

The 5th generation takes over

Julia und Christian Schum, the children of Dr. Rainer Schum, take the lead.


Extension of the central warehouse

Christian Schum

The 2006 extension and construction of the central warehouse in Dettelbach is a highly automated and ultramodern high rise rack system operated by robots and computer technology and provides a floor space equivalent to 29,000 pallets (Euro Standard Pallets).


Projects and concepts

Todays business of trading is more and more changing. While only 40 % is made of traditional buy and sell almost the remaining 60 % is service and merchandising activity.


EuroShop was established

Gründung EuroShop

Establishing Schum EuroShop in 2004 as a retail organisation the company expands it's business activity. A new show room and more office space is completed „Am Stein“.


Low Price Concepts

J.E. Schum

With the introduction of the EURO our 99 Pfennig promotions become 55ct and 1EURO displays which are still sold successful internationally.


99 Pfennig


With the development and introduction of a special low price concept J.E. Schum breaks fresh ground. The idea to exploit extraordinary attractive goods for a unit price of 99 pfennig conquers the consumers heart.
08th December 1994 the first shop (Knuellerkiste) was opened in Wuerzburg.


Construction of the Central Warehouse

Bau des Zentrallagers

The central warehouse in Dettelbach with a storage area of 22,000 m² is erected in 3 phases.


100th Anniversary

100 Jahre J.E. Schum

The company celebrates 100 years of corporate history with numerous anniversary offers. 




Dr. Rainer Schum, son of Richard Schum, enters the company's management. At the same time the business is realigned and cooperation with super- and hypermarkets are sought after. Wholesale to the mass-market begins.


A new high rise rack system

Neubau am Stein

A new high rise rack system was built at the headquarters.

More than 4,000 sqm of space in a high rise rack system is built at the premises "Am Stein". This is necessary to accommodate the significant increase of the wholesale business.


The Upswing

The booming years gave a boost to the development of the company. In 1963 the first extension of the buildings was completed and the further increase of the wholesale business was in progress.


Reopening at Schmalzmarkt

Gebäude Schmalzmarkt

After rebuilding the premises at Schmalzmarkt the sale from makeshift facilities coming to a close and the removal to modern show rooms enables staff and owners to display a larger assortment of merchandise for household and hardware items.


The restart under a new Management

A rapidly growing company is handed over to his sons, Werner and Richard, by Hugo Schum after World War II.


World War II

The bombing of Wuerzburg, 16th March 1945 flattens all premises and completely destroys all the company's headquarters.


Purchase of todays headquarter

Firmenzentrale 1939

Due to the permanent grows of the company storage of goods becomes even more a problem. Several storage facilities are used around the city of Wuerzburg. Even the fortress Marienburg is used as such. The lack of space results in the consequent purchase of todays headquarters at "Am Stein". Warehouse and offices are now under one roof.


The wholesale

Der erste Lastkraftwagen

The first lorry replaces horse and cart which makes it much easier to ship heavy stoves and ovens to the hinterland of Wuerzburg. Wholesale has begun and becomes more important after all.


New show room

Neue Verkaufsräume am Schmalzmarkt

Business is running well in the 30s. In order to display the assortment well the premises at Schmalzmarkt is bought.
Here the different products are on display on 3 floors.


50th Anniversary of the Company

50 Jahre J.E. Schum

The company continues to grow and makes a name among the suppliers and the consumers as a leading hardware store and wholesaler. Soon notable enterprises and public organisations are amount their customers.


Hand over of all business affairs to the second Generation

Treffen der Generationen

As Johann Eugen Schum retires in 1906, his son, Hugo Schum and his brother in law, Gottlob Biermann are appointed to run the company while Johann Eugen Schum remains a consultant to the company.


Establishment of the company J.E. Schum in 1877

Johann Eugen Schum

Johann Eugen Schum established in the age of 26-years the J.E. Schum Hardware Store Company in Wuerzburg, located at the Schmalzmarkt. This is the foundation of the company as it is known today.